Native iOS application for SpreeCommerce

Being a part of the core development team of SpreeCommerce and after building many Spree based stores and marketplaces, we took the challenge to take Spree to the Mobile. Having open sourced our SpreeCommerce Android application, we decided to release its iOS counterpart as well. The idea was to design and develop a native iOS app so that it can be extended as per any business. With "ShopSpree", users can now shop on the go with this simplified and user friendly iOS app. ShopSpree is an open source mobile application for SpreeCommerce. It has been built using Swift 3 and is compatible for iPhone 5s and above and runs on iOS 9 and above. 

App provides a wide range of user friendly features like :

-  Products list and grid view
-  Product Details
-  Cart Management
-  User Sign-In & Sign-Up
-  User Address Management
-  User Orders List
-  User Cards List
-  User Profile Management

The backend used for this app is hosted at:


-   Clone the project.

-    Install the required dependencies.
cd shopSpree-iOS && pod install

-    Open the project in XCode.
open -a Xcode SpreeiOS.xcworkspace

-    Run the project in XCode using ⌘+R


-   Swift - 3.0
-  XCode - 8.0
-  CocoaPods - 1.1.0

Upcoming Features

-  Product Searching
-  Product Filtering & Sorting
-  Taxonomies View
-  Social Sign-In & Sign-Up
-  Credit Card Management (using Stripe)
-  Product Wishlist
-  Remote Push Notifications
   and many more...

Here's the github link to ShopSpree. Folow us on twitter for more updates!