‘Launching Soon’ – Helping Startups Build Online Identity Even before the Actual Launch

The process of brand building begins even before the actual website is launched. To have an eye-catching temporary ‘Launching Soon’ page can do a world of good for your online brand identity. It is the first step that lets you create initial buzz about your business and, therefore, it becomes imperative to have a dedicated ‘Launching Soon’ or ‘Coming Soon’ page in place. Needless to say that an aesthetic landing page embosses a long lasting and distinctive impression in the visitors’ psyche, ensuring a successful first step in climbing the long ladder.

Quick Introduction about ‘Launching Soon’

‘Launching Soon’ is a simple rails plugin that helps rails projects to manage a dedicated launching soon page before the actual launch date. The plugin also collects email from potential customers and can be integrated through an API to popular email marketing service providers like MailChimp & CampaignMonitor (to store customers email contacts). It lets you have a launch timer in place, and you can even have your company logo, about us section and much more. In a nutshell, all primary branding elements are present on your landing page (even before the launch of the official website). Exciting, isn’t it!

To hack over the excitement, ‘Launching Soon’ is an open source rails plugin which can be used by anyone & everyone to set up a fully customized and dedicated landing page in just a few minutes.

Why bother for a dedicated launch soon page?

Gone are the days when terrible yet oh so nostalgic ‘Under Construction’ animated GIF was appreciated by visitors. In its place, the use of more effective, functional and boiled down single ‘Coming Soon’ page is a cogent trend, capable of instantly satisfying the primary goals of the website owners.

For obvious reasons, there are other benefits of exerting efforts to have a great ‘Coming Soon’ page:

1.   Jumpstart your web presence – An effective landing page is the best way to ease the transition from going from naught to a full matured website launch.
2.    Engage with the visitors – Think from where you can benefit the most, a garish graphic which says coming soon or one page site that interacts with the visitors.
3.    Capture user data – This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of having a landing page. It lets you gather a database of genuinely interested users to whom you can send a newsletter notifying the release of your website. Big enough to help your site gain momentum.
4.    Search engine optimization – Getting a domain name booked is not enough. It is essential and imperative to have something substantial online immediately rather than wait for the final product.

With Launching Soon, it is possible to encompass all the above mentioned aspects without any rigorous development and design hassles. With a simple rails plug and play you would be up and running within minutes with your landing page, buzzing about your business and building an online identity. So, if you need a launching soon page then this is it…‘Launching Soon’ can be a near perfect solution.

Get the app code at:


Note – Currently ‘Launching Soon’ works  with only rails 2.x. We are working on its compatibility with rails 3.x and would keep you posted with the updates.


My 8 predictions if IBM acquires Sun Microsystem

There are rumours on IBM aquiring Sun Microsystem for $6.5B. Is it going to change things around for people? I have some predictions

1.  IBM offering MySQL to smaller companies

IBM already  have DB2, Cloudscape, solidDB, Informix. But, most are targeted at enterprise customers. By purchasing MySql, IBM can use that as a step towards their database offering for smaller companies.

2. Nothing will happen to Java

Java is in the hands of the JCP.And we hope it will not change anything around there. But I am not sure about upcoming stuff like JavaFX and SWT. IBM likes java a lot but I dont think there will be IBM JAVA coming out.

3. Open Source will be more enterprisy

I expect a lot more open source marketing coming out of the merger. A lot more work for Sun community.  But , also, a much higher fee for services built over open source stacks. I don’t expect much from the company that invest in their own version of unix (AIX).

4. Some Sun Products may be Canned

Solaris; Netbeans; Glassfish; MySQL; Open Office;   I think there is a price to be paid especially in big mergers and consolidations where people who take decisions are least bothered about the users. IBM and Sun have got a lot of common products in their stacks. I expect some products get canned.

5. Cloud Computing is the next buzzword

It already is. But expect some more fuel. Sun recently announced Sun Cloud Services and Sun Cloud Compute Service .   With Amazon being the leader and other biggies like Google and Microsoft working on this, Sun Backed by IBM might come up with something more interesting especially with lot of open source projects they already have. Now you know one keyword which should be there in your resume – Cloud Computing.

6. Processor

Sun’s SPARC or IBM’s PowerPC ? Any Guesses ?

7. Application Server

I don’t like websphere. I hope it doesn’t become the default application software.

8.  Industries

IBM would like to have some control over financial services industry where Sun is pretty Strong.

Overall , I think Sun require IBM for cash-flow and reach for their OSS initiatives. After months of knocking on doors at HP and Dell , I think Sun might have found someone.