Introduction to Metaprogramming

It lists Metaprogramming resources and constructs used in upcoming blogs when creating different extension DSL’s.

Why another tutorial on an already well-documented metaprogramming topic ?

To revise and refresh something that we would refer time and again when reviewing Model, Router, View extension DSLs

Extension DSLs will be using below meta-programming constructs to get the job done :)

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NectarCommerce Vision

E-commerce Framework with an extension methodology which allows easy integration of custom features unique to the domain.

NectarCommerce should provide an Extension Framework, where custom features as needed per domain can be developed and integrated back to NectarCommerce with minimal effort and no noticeable impact on runtime performance

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Announcing NectarCommerce, Vinsol’s Open Source Elixir/Phoenix Project

Elixir coupled with the Phoenix Framework provides one of the most powerful platforms for developing Web and Mobile Applications. It’s capability of producing highly reliable fault-tolerant systems has attracted developers worldwide. Vinsol is delighted to announce the release of it’s … Continue reading