One of it's kind eCommerce solution that’s redefining the furniture shopping experience.

Delivering design-led furniture at reasonable price.

Listed in top 30 fastest growing startup businesses in Australia.

  • Brosa is a Melbourne based furniture brand born out of discontent with the status quo, and a fervent desire to change the furniture industry for the better.
  • Keeping Brosa’s mission “To Bring affordable designer furniture experience into every Australian home” at the core, Vinsol built a customised Spree based eCommerce solution for them.
  • To name a few, the Key features of BROSA online store includes
    • Two way ERP sync- ensures real time updates for customers.
    • SEO friendly-  generates more relevant traffic.
    • Multiple payment options - Reduces a major conversion obstacle.
    • Barilliance integration- Minimize cart abandonment.
    • HeapAnalytics integration- Helps find insights to drive significant improvement in conversion.
    • Shop by look- A unique experience for customers resulting in increased sales.
    • Fabric samples- An unexampled concept of delivering fabric samples before the order is confirmed resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
    • Simplified checkout flow- Ensures faster checkouts.
    • Custom Navigation Menu- Helping the marketing team take control of the application in bringing out the best content and offers. Reduces dependence on IT.
  • The application has been designed to scale as per need. And is seamlessly integrated with an ERP and third party services like SearchSpring, FOMO, Bronto.
  • Technology helping the business deliver on their core belief  “Home is where the heart is, and furniture is what turns your house into a home”.


To enrich Brosa’s ECommerce presence by migrating their ECommerce solution from Shopify to Spree and build a Spree based ECommerce solution customized to break the status quo, and revolutionize the furniture industry in Australia.


An innovative and interactive Spree based E Commerce application that’s changing the face of the Furniture industry in Australia. Brosa is now catering to thousands of customers’ furniture need and making beautiful spaces a part of their life.