Group-buying, daily deals site.

Kinnevik AB has invested in Dealdey.

Founder Sim Shagaya, formerly of Google, wanted to create a Groupon-like site for Nigeria, and enlisted Vinsol to help refine its business requirements as well as build it. We developed the site’s architecture from scratch, allowing us to quickly adapt the code when the business model shifted from requiring a minimum number of purchases to simply offering daily deals.

Complicating e-commerce in Nigeria is widespread fraud, which has led to many people preferring to pay for goods in person and with cash. To attract those wary of online transactions, we developed a unique payment option that lets customers order online and pay cash in person to the DealDey motorcyclist who delivers their goods.

In addition, we built a customized payment option called Wallet that enables DealDey users to connect their bank accounts and shop securely without having to constantly re-enter their payment information. Wallet also rewards users with loyalty points toward future purchases.

Now the third most popular e-commerce site in Nigeria, DealDey is an example of the power of creative solutions.