Disney Holiday Magic

Greeting card platform for iPad.

Disney wanted an innovative iPad app that would stand out during the holidays. In conjunction with our creative partner, Sequence, we went beyond traditional e-card functionality and pioneered a way for users to create hotspots of content for card recipients to discover and unlock. Users can link additional photos and text to their cards in the form of mini slideshows and newsletters. Our custom Rails app publishes each card with a publicly accessible link that users can share through email and on Facebook.

To give Disney more flexibility, we built front-end administrator tools that enable swapping in card templates for different occasions. Along with encouraging creativity through customization, we made sure our back-end work resulted in a scalable app platform that could accommodate a variety of holidays and Disney franchises.


Develop a holiday-themed iPad app with innovative personalization features and versatile architecture.


A rich, dynamic card-making platform with original front- and back-end that Disney can repurpose.