Greylock Partners

CMS powering premier VC website.

Leading VC with $2 Billion under management

Investing in companies like Facebook, AirBnB and LinkedIn helped Greylock become one of the most prestigious venture capital firms. To reinforce its reputation as an early adopter, we worked with creative partner Sequence and built its site to be mobile-friendly before many of its competitors were considering smartphones to be a significant platform.

With Silicon Valley’s fast pace, Greylock needed to keep its site content fresh. Without an existing back-end, we built a custom Rails-based content management system (CMS), making it easy for non-technical administrators to update information.

Greylock also requested separate sites for its U.S. and Israel locations in order to provide visitors with more relevant search results. Our CMS accommodated over 40 years of portfolio data, and we applied e-commerce filtering techniques to make navigation easy and intuitive.


Create an easy-to-update website that re-affirms Greylock’s position as a leading venture capital firm.


A custom Rails-based website that provided relevant search results for visitors with simple management tools for staff.