iOS App for conferences and the attendees

iConfConnect is one of its kind, intuitive and innovative applications that lists all the conferences happening across the globe.

A one-stop app to find different conferences happening around. Lists the conferences with both single and multitrack events. It allows an attendee to plan his/her schedule better for not just one but many conferences at one place. With a simple navigation and a clean interface this app gives a great experience to its users.

The app include features which are most needed while going for a conference, like:

• Lists single and multitrack events
• Viewing Conferences/Event's Details. Follow
conference on Twitter
• View speakers and follow them on Twitter instantly
• Exchange business cards with the attendees
• Allows planning your schedule for attending different conferences.
• App saves your data on your phone for anytime access and works even without Internet

App runs on devices with iOS 7 and above.