Emerging market e-commerce.

Raised $25 Million Series B funding, biggest ever by an African startup

We partnered with Sim Shagaya again after the success of DealDey on an exciting new e-commerce venture called Konga. As distrust of online shopping is prevalent in Nigeria, we carried over the Wallet feature we developed for DealDey that lets users link their bank accounts as well as order online and pay on delivery. Customers using Wallet earn loyalty points that can be applied to future purchases.

While Konga owns its entire inventory, individual vendors are responsible for delivery. By developing a robust back-end, we were able to integrate these third-party participants so that customers can arrange delivery within a four-hour window.

Nigeria’s sluggish Internet connections posed a challenge as slow merchant responses and delayed payment confirmations made customers worry. In response, we simplified transactional logic to speed up confirmations without sacrificing security. By streamlining the buying process, more people completed purchases and became repeat customers.