Launch Your Store in One Day

With SpreeCommerce we can give your store the much needed online presence in no time.


Store Owner/Administrator

Create and manage store products

  • Create and manage product properties, prototypes, option types, variants, images etc.
  • Search and filter products


  • Manage zones, states and countries for your business
  • Configure Tax Categories and Rates

Users Management

  • Manage users
  • Roles and permissions

Promotions Management

  • Create and Manage promotion categories
  • Create new promotions and make them applicable for products/taxons
  • Search and filter promotions

Storefront Themes

  • Ability to launch the store with a custom theme.

Click here to know more about themes

Taxon/Category Management

  • Create new taxonomies/categories
  • Edit/delete existing taxonomies/categories
  • Associate products/variants with taxons/categories

Inventory Management

  • Manage stock locations
  • Add/Remove/Transfer inventory from one stock location to another

Orders Management

  • Create, Edit and delete orders
  • Search and Filter orders
  • Approve/Ship/Resend/Cancel Orders
  • Edit Customer information
  • Make adjustments in orders
  • Manage payments and refunds
  • Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) and process returns
  • Customer order history details

Admin Reports - Sales reports


Account Creation and Management

Persistent Shopping Cart

Ability to edit order while confirming it

Order Checkout

Product Search and Filtering

Avail Promotions/Discounts

Payment and Shipping Service Options

Invoice Generation and Notifications


Shipping Integration - UPS / FedEx / USPS (one or more of these)

Google Analytics

Payments via Paypal / Authorize / Stripe / Braintree (one or more of these)


Setting up single host server infrastructure

Static Pages Setup

What we need from you?

We need the following information from you. Sample .csv files for data format are listed wherever required.

  • Store data :
  • Product images (create a folder named 'Images', add all images to it and share it with us)
  • Payment Gateway Credentials (Any of Paypal/Authorize/Stripe/Braintree)
  • Shipping Service Credentials - UPS/FedEx/USPS (If required)
  • Google Analytics script
  • Logo, Favicon
  • Static pages (About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of use, Contact us page along with email, address and contact number)
  • Server/S3 access OR AWS account credentials
  • Domain Name System(DNS records) OR Domain Registrar credentials