For over fifteen years, we've transformed the software dreams of big brands and start-ups into reality on computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Working since 2005
  • 50+ Rails Developers
We have been living and breathing Ruby on Rails since 2005. As one of the first ruby on rails consulting firms anywhere on the planet, we have the first hand experience of how far the ROR framework has come. Ruby on Rails is a matured web application framework now. We have possibly worked with rails projects of all sizes in industry verticals like eCommerce, Consumer Web apps, SaaS platforms and Social Networks.
  • Spree Commerce
  • Working since 2011
  • 20+ Spree Commerce Developers
  • Premier Partner
Spree Commerce (also known as Spree) is the leading open source e-commerce solution based on Ruby on Rails. We build, scale and maintain online stores & marketplaces with custom themes and extensions to adapt to your unique business needs with the world's most flexible e-commerce platform. VinSol also holds the prestigious Spree Commerce Premier Partnership status.
  • iOS
  • Working since 2010
  • 10+ iOS Developers
Our iOS developers are expert at mobile app development and can work very quickly to get your app from conception to reality. Our previous iOS apps include utilities, business to business, social media tools for startups to fortune 500 companies. We are working on some very exciting Multiplatform Gaming and coviewing apps. Stay tuned to learn more about them.
  • Android
  • Working since 2011
  • 5+ Android Developers
We provide unparalleled expert consultancy on the Android platform. When your app is created by VinSol, you'll have software built following stringent coding standards. Not only will your app be stable – it'll garner higher reviews as a result. We have developed Android apps and rapid prototypes for companies like OpenTable, BestBuy and Univita.
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