Unique Ecommerce platform for buying the most suitable LEDs.

On the basis of Zip Code, utilities, type of bulbs and power consumption entered by the customer, a complex algorithm derives energy savings, CO2 Savings, tree savings and various other statistics so as to match the most suitable LED for a customer. For commercial purpose savings, parameters as detailed as the 'working hours' have been used. It also facilitates customers with installation services and dimmers. We are proud to be a part of such a unique E-commerce which is working for the benefit of people and planet at the same time.


Tailoring several features like multiple prices of the same product, image management system, customization of wishlist etc over the basic Spree Commerce framework and handling an enormously large database in complex algorithms.


A robust system which uses rails with Ember, the modern day Javascript based framework was developed. Both residential and commercial users are calculating their saving areas and moving towards LEDs using SocketFlip.