SpreeCommerce Product Customization

As an eCommerce business you can do better than your competition by allowing your customers to customize product that they want to order.
Of course not all products can be customized but if you deal in a product which renders itself well to customization - by allowing the customer to do so, you are engaging the customer at a deeper creative level. So now the transaction does not remain merely a financial transaction for her, but the customer is invested at an emotional level with the product since she has designed it herself.

Some examples of businesses that really do this well are

Shoes of Prey allow customers to design their own shoes. They do a really good job at making it very easy for customers to design and then order her shoe.

1 Atelier allow their customers to design their own Hand Bags. You can choose a bag type from among all the options available - whether a tote or a clutch or something else. Then you choose the hardware, piping, leather finish for the various parts and you are ready to checkout.

Since we do most of our ecommerce development on SpreeCommerce, we set out to build something that could be available off the shelf.

We experimented with Shoes and T-shirts and have made decent progress and that is what is presented here.
You can play with the SpreeCommerce demo at http://3d.domain4now.com/

You can signup as a new customer to get access to the functionality on the demo site.

Customize new Tshirt:

Follow these steps to customize new t-shirt:

1. Login with valid credentials
2. From home page click on Tshirt icon. This will take you to T-shirt section. See below:

3. Click on "Create" button. This will take you to the page where you can create a new T-shirt prototype.

4. Choose T-shirt colour from "Tshirt Colour Picker" dropdown.

5. Choose sticker to place on T-shirt placeholder (front, left and right arm).
  5.1. Select Placeholder: Click on the front or the side arm of the T-tshirt to place the placeholder there.

5.2. Select sticker: Sticker can be placed where the active placeholder is displayed (either front, left or right arm). To add sticker, single click on the desired sticker from the sticker section on right. You can change the position of the sticker that is displayed at front of the T-shirt by dragging it up or down. You can also resize the same.

5.3. Select colour for the sticker: You can change the colour of the sticker by simply clicking the "Image colour picker" dropdown and selecting the desired colour. If you do not like the colour, you can always revert back to the initial colour by clicking button "Revert To Initial Colour" button.

6. Add Text/Quotation
6.1. Click at the front of T-shirt, this will place the active placeholder there.
6.2. Click on "Text" section and add text in the input field. Now click "Add Text" button. This will add the text on T-shirt.

6.3. Text formatting and orientation: You can select text font, font size and orientation (straight, UpperCurve, LowerCurve).

7. Create T-shirt: Add a suitable T-shirt title and click Create button. This will create and save the T-shirt prototype that you created.

Customize Shoes:

Follow below steps to customize shoe:

1. Login with valid credentials
2. From home page click on shoe icon. See below:

3. Choose shoe type: From the "Shoe Type" dropdown, you can choose shoe type.

4. Choose colour for shoe part. 4.1. Click the Colour section and choose desired colour. Now click on any part of the shoe (sole, stripe, heel etc) to apply that colour to the part.

5. Choose Texture for shoe part. 5.1. Click in the Texture section and select texture from the list. Now click on the desired shoe part to apply it there.

6. Show Preview: Click on Z, Y and X button from "Rotation" section to preview shoe from all sides.
7. Create Shoe: Add a suitable shoe title and click "Create" button.
We are working on enhancing the functionality and are also exploring more categories where customization can be applied.

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