SpreeCommerce Themes

As a business owner, it's important to keep the look and feel of your store attractive and current. What's the chance that your vision and business model require something specific when it comes to what your SpreeCommerce website should look like? The likelihood seems high!

Be it expanding from a few products to a plentiful of them or deciding to focus entirely on a few core products, every business model requires a different design. There can be several other reasons to switch your website's theme like introducing a new product, revamping brand identity, and the most important being keeping your customers attracted and engaged for retention. Thanks to SpreeCommerce Themes, you now don’t have to worry about the time and effort it would take to make this happen. Re-skinning your SpreeCommerce store can be done at the click of a button. All you have to do is choose a theme of your choice and give your store a makeover!
Re-skinning is about the way your website is presented to reflect your vision, products and services. With SpreeCommerce themes we review fonts, colours, listing, menus, graphics and the layout as well.

Below is a demonstration of two SpreeCommerce Themes :

Setting up a SpreeCommerce Theme

1. Once you are logged into your spree store, click on 'Configurations' section in the vertical menu bar on left hand side.

2. You will now be able to see the expanded 'Configurations' section which lists all configuration settings of your store. Clicking on 'Themes' section will take you to the Theme options for your store.

3. You can choose from a couple of available options and set the theme for your storefront.

Theme : CORE

CORE lets you focus on few core products or a single product type. It has an elaborate image strategy so as to showcase details of a product.

1. Once you are on the home page, you will see large sized images being showcased, which depicts immediately what your store's focus is. Below are a few images of the home page of a shoe store.

2. Individual products are highlighted with large sized images and ample of space around, on the home page itself.

3. ​There is an exclusive search section which opens up on clicking the 'Search' symbol on the home page.

4. Search results appear with appropriate filter options

5. On hover over a product it stands out from the rest of the products on page and color, size, add to cart, etc options appear.

6. 'Quick view' option opens up the product for a closer view.

7. Product's details page has all details and properties of the product and options to share that product.

8. Related products can be seen on the details page itself.

9. User account and checkout section use well planned sub-sections and have a different layout than the default Spree View.

That was just an overview of the 'Core' Theme. Use it for your store and experience the difference.


This is the default theme that Spree provides when a store is setup without any customization. Below are a few screens to make you familiar with what the default theme looks like.

1. You always have the option of switching back to the default theme of spree. All you have to do is select the 'Default' theme from the themes section of configuration.

2. Once you are logged into the application, products can be seen along with search option and filters to shop by various departments, categories, brands etc.

3. Clicking on any of the categories takes you to specific search results page.

4. As depicted below, various search and filter options are available. The admin can obviously create as many filter options as he wants.

5. Details page of the product comprises of product details, properties and a list of similar items.

6. The shopping cart lists order adjustments, discounts (is any) etc along with product details. A user can either continue shopping or checkout from the cart page.

7. The default Spree Checkout page has all sub-sections sections listed on the top.

8. The account section lists all account settings along with subscriptions and other orders.
A super exciting Black Friday sale or Christmas is around the corner? Don’t worry! Next addition the the set of SpreeCommerce themes : Seasons, Events and Festival specific themes.

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