For over fifteen years, we've transformed the software dreams of big brands and start-ups into reality on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Manik Juneja

Founder and CEO

Twitter: mjuneja
LinkedIn: mjuneja

​Manik is an expert in building both software and high performance development teams. For over 19 years, he's been exceeding the expectations of demanding clients ranging from large enterprises to start-ups. Manik has the unique ability to assess the potential of emerging technologies, and as a result, throughout its existence, Vinsol has been ahead of the curve as it relates to platforms like Ruby on Rails, iOS, and Android. An innate entrepreneur, prior to founding Vinsol, Manik was the founding employee of Laputa, one of Japan's first e-commerce start-ups. He started his career working in Tokyo for HCL Japan, the Japanese division of technology company HCL. Manik's team has developed over 150 web and mobile applications for clients in the United States and Europe.

Jashojit "Jojo" Roy

Board Member

Twitter: jojo_roy
LinkedIn: jashojit-"jojo"-roy

Jojo Roy, a Vinsol investor and board member, provides wide-ranging strategic guidance to the company. He has deep understanding of business strategy, user experience design, product management, and product development. He is the CEO of Sequence, a creative development agency with offices in San Francisco and New York City that counts Apple, Best Buy, Disney, Food Network, and Google among its many clients. Prior to joining Sequence, Jojo was the founding vice president of marketing at software outsourcer Aricent, a KKR company. Previously, he was vice president of strategic product consulting at Flextronics International, a vice president at innovation consultancy frog design, chief strategist of a division of Tivoli/IBM, and an economist in the US federal government.