Web-based apps for co-working spaces.

Raised $6.85M in 2012

Managing 17 buildings in 6 cities

WeWork runs a network of co-working spaces in major cities that rent desks and whole floors to entrepreneurs. When WeWork approached us, they needed help sorting through a lot of unusable code written by another development firm. We quickly modified large portions of it and created functional applications. Since a fundamental part of the WeWork experience is connecting and collaborating with other tenants, we developed a virtual community space to link up like-minded people across the country. We built social features so that tenants can send messages, develop profiles, and follow each other. WeWork also requested more effective tools for managing billing and tenant accounts. Over six months, we migrated the company’s various spreadsheets in Google and QuickBooks to a unified, completely customized billing system that also supports members’ billing needs. To help WeWork’s building managers keep track of tenants and invoicing, we developed an iPad app with robust search features and payments tracked in real-time. Managers can even text message tenants to announce visitors.