Rails 1.1 got released in march end and i am now using the upgraded version from past 1 month. Rails was always fascinating for me but this 1.1 version is really awesome. The most fantastic thing added in this version of more fantastic ruby on rails is the Integration testing . I tried it myself on my new project and found it to be truly breathtaking.You can actually check sessions in it too.

The other feature i like most is this RJS template.In Rdoc RJS is defind as…

"Unlike conventional templates which are used to render the results of an action, these templates generate instructions on how to modify an already rendered page. This makes it easy to modify multiple elements on your page in one declarative Ajax response. Actions with these templates are called in the background with Ajax and make updates to the page where the request originated from."

Simply amazing feature adds one more garland to the already overflowing neck of rails community.

And not only this you can find Polymorphic associations and join models and lot more interesting things in this version. 

3 cheers to the development team

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