I went to PHP Meetpup last week… there were some very good presentations ..one on Drupal by Saswata, which was more like a comparison between different Open source CMS. Then there was Prasun’s presentation on “Open Source business Models”. The third presentation was very technical one on Ruby on Rails By Manik (MJ).

When MJ was giving his presentation on ROR, someone asked “Why do you want to adopt ROR in place of PHP, when PHP is easy to code? What we need is get our work done and we can do that in PHP very easily. So why use ROR?”

At that particular moment I discovered my true love for Ruby On Rails. From my opinion coding is not only typing some software on keyboard …I think Programming == Logic. For the people who love to code “It’s all about doing it with Logic”. Following the same old tradition sucks your passion for coding and what you are left with is thousands of lines of code written without any interest just to get your job done. The best part of ROR is that it provides coders the ability to think. Instead of writing each and every query in PHP I can spend time on thinking the best way to design the application because I have ActiveRecord methods to protect me from writing those queries. For ROR its like, if you know about web programming you need not worry about basic things… what is needed is, ‘The Logic’ and the zest to learn all the time. So for those who wants a satisfied client… its ok to use whatever that suits them but for those who wants a “More then satisfied client” and an “even more then satisfied programmer “ the best thing I could suggest is Ruby On Rails.

What else I can say…I love ROR and very soon I am going to wear ROR (planning to get ROR T-shirts;)). I wish I could eat ROR also…Hey that’s a gr8 idea I am next going to invent a dish called Ruby On Rails :D

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