Those who wants to include simple 5 star rating mechanism in their ROR application.Can include a couple of functions in their helper to provide a form a rating field and display the result.Of course no 1/2 ratings can be achieved through this way. One needs to include the below given two function to some helper. And in view inside form tag call…

  star_rating_field("object", "fieldname", options)

Options are location, prefix, active_img, grey_img, hover_img…

For displaying the result of the rating in star images format…call from view


Options are location, active_img, grey_img, hover_img…

Download the function to include in helper from here …I am finding it very difficult to put the code in wordpress without tampering so better to put it somewhere else ;)

Update: the file gets removed everytime.I m trying to out the code here only…

  #General function for star rating
  # Use these function as helpers
  # No half ratings are handled here
  # options can hav ...
  # location=>location of images( you need to have star_active.gif, star_grey.gif, star_hover.gif in this directory or provide names of image file in options)
  # prefix => prefix to append to each ids in DOM for descrimination of more then one star rating in the same page
  # grey_img => name of inactive/grey image of star
  # active_img => name of active image of star
  # hover_img => name of hover image of star
  def star_rating_field(obj_name, field_name, options={:location=>'/images',:hover_img=>"star_hover.gif", :active_img=>"star_active.gif", :grey_img=>"star_grey.gif"})

    # append a hidden field to store value of viz system field
    # this field is to be changed as hidden after testing
    hid = text_field(obj_name, field_name)
    hid_id = "#{obj_name}_#{field_name}"
    pref_id = options[:prefix].nil? ? 'star' : options[:prefix]+'_star'
    img_location = options[:location]
    # set initial value by javascript
    jscript = ""
    jscript += "var a; var v = parseInt($('#{hid_id}').value); for(var i = 1;i"
    img = ''

    # add images to field
    for i in 1..5
      img += "“+’ ‘
      return  img + hid + jscript

  def jscript_for_star_rating(pref_id, img_location)
    jscript = ” function set_star_status(n, id)    {  if( $(id).value != n){ for(var j=1; j”star_active.gif”, :grey_img=>”star_grey.gif”})
    image = ”
    for i in 1..5
      if i ”
        image += “”
    return image

Note:Do remember to include prototype library from in your page.

UPDATE2:phew…finally trying to add the file again.Hope it work fine this time :( try this=>Star Rating functions

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