Captcha in Ruby on Rails – Customize the use of captcha in the plugin validates_captcha

By Administrator October 24, 2006

Hello Everyone !!
I have released a captcha plugin Simple Captcha. It is really simple to implement, and provides a cool feature of multiple styles of images.

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To implement captcha in RubyonRails, validates_captcha plugin can be a good option but a small customization i need with this plugin was to use it on some specific action and not to be validated the captcha field every time an instance of the model is saved or updated.
Here is a small work-around for its customization…
How to use customized captcha in RoR ?

Install the plugin validates_captcha in your rails application by running this command from the root of your application

ruby script/plugin install

Make sure that you can now see the directory vedor/plugins/validates_captcha.

Now run these commands from your application root to make the image and data directories

  ruby script/generate captcha store_directory
  ruby script/generate captcha image_directory

Here is the complete API for the usage of this plugin. I am describing the same idea as given in this API but in a bit more specific means.

Lets consider a model User in which we will implement the captcha.
Add the following code in the file app/models/user.rb

  class User < ActiveRecord::Base

    validates_captcha :if => :request_captcha_validation?
    attr_accessor :request_captcha_validation

    def request_captcha_validation?
      (self.request_captcha_validation==true)? true : false


Handle View and Controller

Add the code in the view inside your existing form.

  <% c = prepare_captcha :type => :image -%>
  <%= captcha_hidden_field c, 'user' %>
  <%= captcha_image_tag c %>
  <%= captcha_label 'user', 'Type in the text from the image above' %>
  <%= captcha_text_field 'user' %>

Your controller will look like

  def save
    # the line in bold represents that you need captcha validation.
    # if captcha validation is not required then remove this line from your controller.
    @user =[:user])
    @user.request_captcha_validation = true

However image is too noisy and it contains repeated strings.
To improve the quality of images generated by the plugin validates_captcha visit Here.


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