I have provided the source code of the ajax based drag drop tree in rubyonrails in one of my previous posts.
I found some of the people are getting problems to incorporate the code into their running applications so i am providing a sample rails application in which all the code for tree is already been placed well.
However the code written seems to be lagged behind the current trends followed in rails development coz of the fire growth of rails itself, but its simply that when i wrote this tree i was very new to rails so you may find the code looks like an old wine but still tastes good to go with.


Four simple steps to make the tree working…

  1. DOWNLOAD the sample application. (let me know if you are getting any error in downloading the application.)
  2. Create a test database in mysql or modify the file /config/database.yml according to the database and user u need.
  3. Run the command
    ajaxtree> rake db:migrate

    from the application root.

  4. Run the application server by running
    ajaxtree> ruby script/server

    and watch the working tree at http://localhost:3000


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