Defining Satisfaction

By manik May 23, 2007

Do you actually know what is the definition for satisfaction for You ? Whenever i talk with my friends to earn huge and huge… a lots of time i usually get the comments that its not the money which can always satisfies you! More prior thing is the kind of work you are doing! Are you happy in what u r doing, or u r just doing it for the huge earning…

I thought upon the level of satisfaction which i get by time to time…. there were really diversified views started coming to my mind.. related to various aspects of the satisfaction… What Satisfaction is ? Actually its not just one thing which can feel you happy, satisfied all the time… you need good money, good work, good position! do you ? … i think everybody does!

I categorized the reasons for the satisfaction for the happiness in three categories…

Personal Satisfaction

If you are satisfied in The kind of work you are doing … today… a lots of lucky guys are satisfied in this road of satisfaction destination. And me too fall in that … I am a rubyist, i do rails, i am happy :)

Potential Satisfaction

How much money you are getting(or making too, if u have investor bent of mind)… The level of this is totally created by individual perception and the level upto which you wanna reach… Is it million, millions, billion, billions or more or less for you.. thats always in your mind. That nobody can tell better than yourself… How much you are happy in ?

Professional Satisfaction

Here comes an entirely different aspect of satisfaction. The Position. Whats yours ? A Software Engg, a Senior Software Engg, a Team Lead, a PM or more or less… Where you are happy in ? …. which shoes and hat you wanna wear… Or you are more biased in the clothes you wanna wear…
Whether you are happy with a huge money and a low/middle position or no matter about money but the Position matters you.. Or you wanna have both? Or nothing?

If you want nothing … think more deeply what you actually want… Rethink about the first category of satisfaction! Are you happy in what you are doing?
Think on the other side of the coin…This might be the right time for you to become an Entrepreneur.

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