I have a great news for you guys. We are planning Third BarCamp on Saturday, 8 December 2007, in Delhi.
Venue is not finalize yet, We have some options and shortlisting the final one.
We are also waiting for someone to take the sponsorship 😉
Some people have proposed their sessions, I am proposing two with Manik. List of sessions(as of now):

    * Deploying Rails app on EC2 (Manik Juneja and Akhil Bansal)
    * Comparison of various Rails Hosting services. (Manik Juneja and Akhil Bansal)
    * Using Jmeter for Stress Testing your webapp
    * Desi Social Networking – Visual web ( Swagat Sen )
    * Everyday Productivity with Windows Live Tools (Abhishek Kant)
    * Gurugeeks – A call out for Web Geeks (Navjot Pawera)
    * Web Semantics and Accessibility (Navjot Pawera)

If you are planning to Attend/Present something you or want to help us in any way please visit http://barcamp.org/BarCampDelhi3 and add you name in appropriate section.

So see you in the camp 😉

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