Some days ago I wrote a post about “SVN commit notification” which uses a perl script for sending commit notification with svn diff by mail. In this mail you can find svn diff from the last committed revision. I used to love this mail, soon I realized that it is a bit ugly and difficult to read. Also there were some important information missing. Like the name of user committing the code, the log message etc…

And then I started writing my own ruby script for same purpose but with some addition and modification. Commit notification script is that script, you can download and configure it with your SVN post commit hook as follows.

Add following line at the bottom of your post-commit file:

* Please remember to change the path of you commit-email ruby script.

Now open commit-email ruby file and modify the following section according to your requirement:

You are done with that, now onwards whenever someone commits the code, you’ll get the commit notification mail like:

Commit Email Preview

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