Hoptoad: A Rails Exception Handling Service

By bansalakhil August 12, 2008

Many of you guys(as me) may have used Exception Notifier plugin to get Rails app exceptions right into your mailbox, and may also have faced some problem like this.

Also if you have 2-3 or more apps running in production then managing such exception mails is also a big headache. In such case one have to keep track of many things like which type of error is resolved/unresolved for which project etc… .

So, here is a good news for those who don’t know about Hoptoad. It is an hosted service by thoughtbot which receives your exceptions, notify you once per error type by email and keep track(resolved/unresolved, count etc…) of your errors on project basis.

By now its a free service. I’m gonna use this as my next project goes live. What abt you??? ;-P

Update: Hoptoad was re-branded to Airbrake Bug Tracker

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