Would you hire this Ruby on Rails developer

By manik September 30, 2008

I had this interaction with somebody who applied for a job at Vinsol

What is disturbing here is the attitude of Indian developers towards contributing to open source projects, and belive me, this is fairly rampant. Contributing to open source projects matters more than your marks in school to us and to a lot of other companies around.

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  1. cprochas says:

    Open source contributions are fun if you have time and the project is fairly well organized.
    As for showing you some previous coding examples from their workplace, many
    companies ask their employees to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect proprietary information.

    If you want to have some assurance that you are hiring the right individual, why not give them a test or some process to code that will give you a better idea of their technical expertise. There are consulting firms who do just that and companies have been utilizing them extensively for their hiring needs.