Since last one year, there is quite a bit of Ruby and RubyOnRails development happening in India. Still the biggest thing missing here is the official Ruby and Rails meet-ups like RailsConf and RubyConf. Being in Ruby and Rails community since last three years I’ve been attending many events in India but couldn’t find any of them Ruby centric. And in one of the past event I and Manik decided to have an event focusing fully on Ruby and RubyOnRails.

And here we come. We are organizing the first RubyFunDay. Its going to be one of its kind of event in India. There would be sessions on some of the really hot topics…

  • Flex + Rails
  • Internationalization in Rails
  • FxRuby+AR
  • Facebook APP + Rails

If you like to have Fun with Ruby, you are most welcome to attend the event. To attend the event, you would need to register online for the event. Its going to happen in a very decent venue, and we are hearty grateful to Impetus Technology for sponsoring the venue. I am sure you would enjoy a lot in the event.

More good things in the event apart from Ruby and Rails includes the printed Ruby Ts ;) … cool yeah ?

RubyFunDay is going to be a pure Code Burning Station. Every session would be full of live code demonstrations.
If you would like to present a session at this event, register online for it and send me an email with your topic’s details on [surDOTmaxATgmailDOTcom]. The only constraint we have is, it should not be mere presentation, you will have to show the live code in the session.

For registration and more details on the event please visit here

I would really appreciate if you blog/tweet about the event and help spreading a word about it. If you do, please add the tag/category to the post as “rubyfunday”.

If you would be there, and get time, I would love to speak to you. You can recognize me easily, its very simple, I wear Jeans and T-shirts mostly ;)

See you there with more and more Ruby.

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