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Dr. Nic recently posted an article on advantages of hiring a rails developer from Australia. We are one of the biggest fans of Dr. Nic especially for his contributions to open source world and rails community.  I just wanted to post my ideas on advantages of hiring  rails developer from India.

1. Most Indian software companies require at least a 4 years bachelor’s (and often post-graduate) degree in Computer science or related subjects.

2. There are 113 companies – Working with rails -> country -> India and 590  registered developers  in rails on Railsranking as of today.

3. We have a strong local community and we regularly have Ruby meetups and Ruby fun days. You can find some Ruby event happening in India every month.

4. We are fluent in English and  can work comfortably with people from different countries and cultures. British, American, European or Chinese .  And its not just Software where we can collaborate with people and produce  world class work,  Ask Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire.

5. We provide Ruby on Rails training services in or around South Asia

6. Most of the  rails developers are very passionate about the community. We have people who have contributed to  core rails, plugins and documentation. I still have to meet a rails developer  in India who doesn’t have a blog with some useful  hacks .

7. There is always an economic advantage of working with developers in India. Therefore, we had $22 billion of business in IT services in 04-05.

8. Compared to Australia, we are not good in sports as majority of youth in our cities are working towards becoming   software developer making India the second largest population of code junkies with more than 650,000 geeks.

9. Not all of us are as good looking as Australians. But we  work very hard to make sure our code looks good and app works great at end of the day.

Here is a great post on Think Vitamin of working with web developers in India – why, how and what ?

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