My friends who are starting with Rails usually ask  – how to install rails on “operating system of their choice”? And I end up searching for best tutorial for every operating system and sharing that link.  On a lazy tuesday morning, I decided to collect all the good links  and share it here.  If you think I am missing any OS or a great tutorial, suggest the link. Thanks.

Following the DRY (don’t repeat yourself)  principle, I am just putting the links of best tutorial (in my opinion) for every operating system.

Mac Official Rails Tutorials from Apple Developer Website –
Leopard This is one of the most comprehensive tutorial on installing rails on Mac OS X 10.5(leopard)
Ubuntu Installing Rails on Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn
Windows XP
Windows 2003

Also check out cskruby optimized for the Sun Solaris Platform

Virtual PC

Yes, I know this is not a operating system

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