We live in a quick-fix society so it’s no wonder that many startups especially in technology look for the magic cure to increase their sales or get funding for their projects.  These projects follow funding driven development methodology. And here are few symptoms of  FDD :

  • Most of these products start looking for investors  even when the core benefit web app is not properly conceptualized.
  • The product manager spends more time with PR,investors and newspapers than with developers.
  • The milestones for the project are strictly based on the next press release, media  interview or conference.
  • Instead of driving real people and customers to sales pipeline, you meet people who are not your target audience.
  • They always think of  raising capital and use major part of that in increasing/improving your sales force.
  • They lack patience and you dont want to wait for few quarters to reach the right feature set after product launch based on feedback.
  • They are least bothered about the backend and focus on UI. As long as the site looks cool , you are okay with that irrespective of the quality of  code running in the backend.
  • Instead of a single marketing launch, They have a series of launch with some new stupid feature everytime which nobody needs in every launch.
  • When investors see PR stuff of your project, they expect  significant momentum which usually is not there.PR is not writing code. You can not try it, iterate, learn, and try again.
  • The founders feel great when they are covered by leading media instead of significant release that improves their product.
  • They don’t understand the value of an early release, release often.
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