We will be again going to Rails Conf this year and are pretty psyched about meeting all the great developers in the conference.  Here is a list of 5 apps(most related to twitter in some way) that I feel are pretty useful for any attendee :

  • Rails Conf TweetUps – A really cool app that lets you upload your conf  schedule and and check who among your followers and friends are going to which sessions.  http://railsconf.intridea.com/
  • Conf Offers.com – This is our small app developed in last 24 hours. Idea is to aggregate and rate all the offers, jobs, discount coupons and freebies at rails conf 09.  All the offers in this app come directly from YOU, the attendees.  Why don’t you post the first offer now ? www.confoffers.com
  • RailsMaturityModel.com – This is not related to conf directly but is scheduled to launch in railsconf 09.  Obie’s idea of improving the quality of rails service provider by exploring best practices considered atleast. www.railsmaturitymodel.com


  • RailsBridge – Its a great effort to create friendly and accessible ruby on rails community after recent incidents. Something positive is always good. http://railsbridge.org/

In case you have idea about more apps for railsconf’ 09, feel free to post comments here.

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