Just few hours before start of rails conf 09 ,  people have started assembling in Las Vegas.  Attendees reaching early are already finding themselves busy , I was following twitter stream of #railsconf  and  found some interesting tweets which you usually don’t find before a major tech conference :

: more than doubled my money playing blackjack tonight. #railsconf

:On my 27th hour and drunk with in Vegas! #railsconf

:any other old fights we can drudge up? Let’s turn RailsConf into a 1,000+ person free-for-all brawl.

:really excited for @railsconf – had 4 people tell me not to lose too much money. i wasn’t aware i had a gambling problem. (denial)

And , people opposing the idea of rails conf in LV will be very happy looking at these tweets but they miss a very major point which objo puts it beautifully and why our team at Vinsol is attending railsconf :

objo: But thinking about the event and all the friends I get to see and I’m stoked. Location really does not matter. Some of the brightest minds I know get together once a year in the summer. What gets discussed months ahead of time? #railsconf

As a part of rails community, I would appeal all of the people coming to railsconf09 to work hard and play harder . It’s an opportunity for all of us to show that we are one of the best  community in the world with respect for everyone and some sense of humour.  Looking forward to meet all of you
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