Launching Soon” is a new plugin that VinSol has developed.

Working on client projects, we saw a pattern – the client owns a domain, which is either parked or has a blog running on it, and then they commission us to build an application. While the application is being developed, they want us to setup a landing page on the server, with a couple of links – to the blog etc. and want to capture email addresses of people who are interested in the service that the application would offer.

We actually found a few ready to use options for this. This php based paid script was one and there is also a  free launching soon module in PHP/Jquery.

However, we did not find anything for Rails so Satish set out to write a plugin for it. Then we thought it would be good to integrate it with Campaign Monitor , since most of our clients use this service for running their email campaigns.  And subsequently Satish extended it to add Mail Chimp integration also.

Give it a spin and send us your feedback via the LightHouse project.

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