Every time we talk to our clients, we find that they are not aware of a lot of options through which they can find a good rails developer. Usually, clients go to odesk and other freelance websites to find rails developers. Following are  10 more ways to find  rails company/developer for your next dream project :

  1. Post your requirements on twitter with hashtag #ruby #ror #rails
  2. Search for a directory of rails companies. You can search for specific services with your budget ranges.
  3. Working with Rails – Again a directory of rails developers and companies. You can browse through specific industry categories.
  4. Local Ruby Meetups – The most passionate guys are always there in local meetups. For eg: we have delhi ruby meetups and you can find all local meetups in australia here
  5. RubyJobs – Post a job on rubyjobs or rubyinside job board. There are some country-specific ruby job boards.
  6. RubyonRails wiki – There is a wiki of ruby on rails companies.
  7. Open Source Contributions – Sites like http://agilewebdevelopment.com/ gives you a directory of rails plugins. Open Source contributions such as releasing a Rails plugin, or fixing bugs on projects , or Rails itself, demonstrates exposure to other Rails code bases and quality of a developer. Search for developer name in github.
  8. Conferences – Conferences are a good way to find quality rails developer or team.
  9. Facebook – Few people post jobs on facebook.

Few tips :

  • Don’t hire someone that doesn’t know Rails at all. Yes, we have seen some people doing it.
  • Ask for references from previous clients if possible in your country.
  • Look for someone who values the money you are paying them and will make your investment in them provide a valuable return.
  • A personal Rails blog is a good indicator of  developer’s interests , experience and resume.
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