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By Administrator January 6, 2012

Most of us are oblivious of our spending behavior and more often than not end up asking questions like ‘How can I improve my spending habits’? Or ‘how can I hold back unwanted expenses’? Let’s accept it, mainstream population is unmindful of their spending behavior and typically end up overspending (of course some people claim to know where their money is going). It is difficult to fully dispute this claim, but there is a fair degree of skepticism. None of us is a human calculator after all (unless you are not using a traditional pen and paper approach for your book-keeping).

The truth is, without proper analysis we only have a vague sense of where our money goes and this where the real need of an expense tracking mechanism becomes essential.  Needless to say, not just any expense tracking application would do. It can be argued that there are many ways to track expenses and one should pick the one that suits the requirements. But at the same time the method should be hassle free and not cumbersome or time consuming. And there is no better way to be able to track your expense on your mobile while you are ‘On the Go’.

After having used a variety of Android applications for expense tracking and management, we were itching to develop our own version of an expense tracking and management app, as we felt there were many apps that lacked user friendly UI, ease of use, were over burdened with features, etc.

What we are able to achieve with our Android application is a simple, clutter free, intuitive yet powerful expense tracking application that addresses the need for monitoring daily expenses.

The application is out in the Android Marketplace and into the hands of many people with Android devices wanting an easy way to track and manage their expenses.

About Expense Tracker and Features

Expense tracking ‘On the Go’ becomes a whole lot easier with this easy to use, intuitive and simple daily expense management application. ‘Expense Tracker’ helps you to manage your money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Expense Tracker Expense TrackerExpense Tracker

Just as the expenses do not stop, neither should money management. And with money being a limited commodity (for most of us), it is important to use it judiciously. ‘Expense Tracker’ is developed to help everyone who has the need for financial management and that includes everyone who indulges in economic activity of any nature.


1)    Set reminder for expense entries
2)    Track exp on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
3)    Graphical representation
4)    Mark expense entries as favorite and later add it as an expense from favorite
5)    Take a picture of the expense receipt and save it for future reference
6)    Save expense as voice recording
7)    Log location of the expense automatically
8)    Date and time of the expense is logged automatically
9)    Expenses can be modified to a previous date

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