SMS Scheduler – Another Amazing Android App Developed by our Android Team

By Administrator January 11, 2012

Our Android team is on a spree of developing some amazing Android applications and the latest one that has made way from their stable is ‘SMS Scheduler‘. The Application is the result of the continuous and incessant analysis of the users’ requirements pertaining to sending and receiving SMS’s.

Statistics show there is a continuous rise in the number of text SMS across the World, but even then more often than not, we miss to send important messages to our family, friends, officemates, or business partners on right time. This is where SMS Scheduler for Android comes to your rescue.

By developing this Android app we have tried to supplement the native messaging service with the ability to auto send messages at later point in time. So with SMS Scheduler installed on your Android Phone you can be the first one to send holiday greetings, occasion wishes, reminders, meetings, etc to your family, friends, peers and colleagues.

If you are a happy owner of Android Phone you definitely need to get your hand on one of the most slick, simple yet powerful SMS scheduling Android application with great interface.

sms schedulersms schedulersms scheduler

About SMS Scheduler and its Features

Use SMS Scheduler and never forget to send those important sms!

SMS scheduler comes with a nice, simple and easy to use interface that allows you to schedule your messages to be sent on specific date and time. You can either schedule a message to be sent to an individual or a group.

No more reminders needed, never miss birthdays, anniversaries, holiday greetings and important meetings. Simply set the date and time for the message to be delivered and leave the rest to your phone to send the message for you. The SMS would be sent automatically without any user interaction.

So this holiday season don’t forget to send your wishes and greetings to your family, relatives and friends!


1)    Choose message text from pre-defined templates
2)    Add custom messages to templates
3)    Add your own groups
4)    Recipients can be typed in directly or selected from contacts
5)    Choose multiple recipients to send messages
6)    View history of sent and delivered messages
7)    Enter messages using Google voice
8)    Messages are classified as Scheduled, Sent or Draft

This is the first version of the application that we have launched. We would be making constant enhancements in our consequent releases to boost its usability. Meanwhile, we would be happy to receive any feedback, opinions and comments that you might have for the application.

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