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By Administrator April 18, 2012

With RailsConf 2012 just round the corner, we have been scratching our heads wondering how we can contribute in our own little way and take the conference experience to a whole new level.

Well! ConfConnect is our answer.

We have been attending RailsConf year after year and really we’d pour through event agendas and printouts of the sessions we wanted to attend, touch base with people we wanted to see and arrange meeting times and places, and then struggle to find meeting places. Networking events were challenging when all we had to go on were people’s name tags, especially if all they displayed were first and last names. We worked towards changing this experience back in 2010 by first launching ConfConnect as a Rails and iOS application.

About ConfConnect

ConfConnect is an intuitive application that lets you organize conference sessions and create your own schedule. It also allows you to post feedback, comments and recommendations about the sessions. The app is particularly useful for multi-track conferences where attendees need to choose the sessions they wish to attend.

With ConfConnect we have made an effort to enhance the attendees experience at the conference by providing them a basic and easy to use application that allows them to create a personalized schedule effortlessly and one which is readily available in their pockets for reference.

We would soon be launching the updated version of ConfConnect in the days to come. This version of the application has been re-envisioned and rebuild from the ground up with the entirely new design, interface and usability.

Amidst the stiff schedule and deliveries for client projects our development has been hard pressed for time but still managed to pull it off by throwing in some extra efforts. And the application is now ready to be launched across MULTIPLE platforms – Web app (Ruby on Rails) and mobile app (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7)

ConfConnect iOS and Windows Phone 7 app are in the middle of their respective review process and is expected to be made live soon.

Download the ConfConnect Google APK at –

Till the time we are up and running with our new application, take a sneak peek at the upcoming changes and tweaks below:


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