VSCircularDial is an UIView enhancement which provides you a 360 degree scrollable dial. This component can be dropped into your project and used as it is or can be customized as per your need.

It can be downloaded from github.


1. Easy to use, just like normal UIView.
2. Fully customizable
3. Optimized for different resolutions, including iPhone, iPad and iPhone 4 (Retina Display)
4. Callbacks can be implemented to call specific methods on rotating the view.


Very similar to UIView. For VSRotatingView, you can initialize with “new” method:

VSRotatingView *rv = [VSRotatingView new];
[view addSubview:rv];

Initial Steps

1. Download and add the complete “VSRotatingView” folder in your project from here.
2. You need to add three frameworks in your project – QuartzCore, AVFoundation and Security.
3. Add #import “VSRotatingView.h” to the top of view controller in which you are going to use the above code and you are ready to go.
4. Function “- (void)viewCirculatedToSegmentIndex:(NSUInteger)index;” can be called in its delegate which can be used to know when view is beeing rotated and which segment is the current selected one.

Customizing this view is a lot simple. Variables could be modified in VSConstants.h to get desired functionality and the main image of dial can be replaced easily with image named “pain-cycle.png”. Complete code can be accessed in VSRotatingView.h/.m files and full modification is possible.

Two demo applications are included in the project. Project#1 shows the default functionality of this component. Demo project#2 shows how you can customize this view and show a 360 degree view like the one below:

This component can be used to make various applications like wheel of fortune, etc.

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