[Press Release] VinSol Releases Four Spree Commerce Extensions

By manik October 9, 2013

The following is a press release announcing launch of open source Spree commerce extensions from our eCommerce team.

New Delhi, October 10, 2013 – VinSol, a New Delhi, India based premier Ruby on Rails studio and Spree Commerce premier partner, today announced the release of four useful extensions for the Spree Commerce community. The extensions include Spree Wallet, Spree Favorite Products, Spree Bank Transfer and Spree Admin Roles. VinSol believe that the extensions would provide substantial return of investment to Spree Commerce Developers as well as Store Owners.

When contacted, Manik Juneja from VinSol said, “The open source model of Spree Commerce allows VinSol to offer tools and methodologies that have proven successful for us while also encouraging feedback and contributions from the Spree Commerce community.”

Spree Wallet extension would enable the option of digital wallet. Using the same, the customers are able to make a purchase using the money stored on the website for their account.

Spree Bank Transfer extension creates an additional payment method for the stores that allows customers to pay via bank transfers.

The Spree Favorite Products extension allows users to tag their favorite products. Customers can create a list of their favorite products which motivates them to come back to your website and place more orders.

The Spree Admin Roles extension will be particularly useful for stores that need to allow various store admins with restricted permissions.

VinSol confirmed that they tested the extensions before releasing it for the open source community. In addition, these extensions are compatible with 2.0.x version of Spree commerce, easy to use and can be further customized in accordance to ones requirements and preferences.

Akhil Bansal, Rails business unit head of the company added, “In more than eight years of building eCommerce application with the Ruby on Rails framework, we have learnt the ins and outs of the required development patterns and platform. Our goal is to spend our time on high-value features for our client’s stores, and our team has evolved several frameworks and utilities in Spree Commerce that allow us to be the utmost efficient with our development process.”

About VinSol

Based in New Delhi, India, VinSol is a Ruby on Rails development studio specializing in e-commerce, native mobile application and web development.  The company is also recognized as a Premier Spree Commerce Partner.

Contact Number: +1-415-839-0057

Email:  info at vinsol dot com

Website: http://vinsol.com/spree-commerce  


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