Spree Loyalty Points Extension

By manik August 12, 2014

Most online stores thrive on customer satisfaction and their loyalty towards their stores. In order to improve the long term relationship with the customers and earn their loyalty, stores come up with different ideas to keep customers engaged. One such idea is to award loyalty points to the customer based on their purchases. These awarded points can be used by customers as a discount in their future purchases.

Understanding the need, we recently published this new extension “Spree Loyalty Points” which adds the loyalty points functionality into the existing e-commerce system. With this extension a new payment method gets quickly added to Spree e-commerce stores. It also automates two features (a) awarding of the loyalty points to the customers on the basis of the configuration done by admin and (b) updating the points based on each transaction done on Spree Commerce platform. It also allow the users to redeem earned loyalty points while placing new orders.

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The loyalty points in the system are awarded to the customer based on the order value and are given only when the order has been paid through any payment method but loyalty points. Extension has been built keeping all the use cases in mind and provides the option for the reversal of awarded loyalty points in case of order cancellation and return.

Spree Loyalty Points extension gives a complete feature to your e-commerce store, adds new features into the system with in minutes of installing. In order to show how this extension can help the Merchants and the developers, we have created a screencast for it. This screencast is the second in this series for all the extensions.

This extension can be customized as per the business needs. Visit Vinsol’s Github Page for this extension.


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Updated At: 08.08.2014

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  2. Ivan Yiu says:

    Is it possible to use the loyalty point as discount rather than covering the whole order amount?

  3. manik says:

    Yes you can. You can pay partially through loyalty points and partially through some other payment method.