Last week we attended Droidcon 2014, held in Bengaluru. First thing we noticed was that we had underestimated it a lot. The event was humongous. With around 250-300 attendees, most of which were either cream Android devs or entrepreneurs.

The content selection panel as well seemed to have done a great job. Topics ranged from core technical (hacking through Android source code) to all the way upto UI centric stuffs (delightful user experience). The speakers were highly experienced and most of them were either business owners or with hands-on experience in product development. Even the promotional interactions were highly informative and bent towards their technical details.

Following are some talks we would like to mention particulars about:

Material Design session by s0h4m

The speaker Soham Mondal, founder of Triveous and creator of Skyroapp, had been giving talks at previous Droidcon events as well. Before attending this session, we had an idea about this new paradigm – preferred colors, terminologies and other basic principles. What we took away from this talk was that now we’re able to put those concepts together. Soham didn’t go much into the books, rather involved the audience into comparing and finding out the right usage. View slides


Deep link

This was an interesting talk for us where we learnt about newly launched app indexing feature for Google search. K.C.Ramu, an architect leading mobility practice at Imaginea, explained how deep linking the content within the app is one sure shot way for better user interaction, engagement and app discoverability. Just by providing some meta data in your web page for Google app indexing you can enable Google search results for that page to deep link in to your Android app, letting users get to your native mobile experience quickly, landing exactly on the right content within your app. View Slides

For more Information about App indexing for Google search visit this.



When Raghuram Trikutam, AVP of Mobile at FreeCharge, in his session discussed about following Fragment Oriented Architecture in their app we were on cloud nine. (Since Achin also advocated the approach earlier here)

In this session he walked us through the basic architectural and design decisions that they took while creating the new version of the app, that has led to a significant push to the overall user experience. He even pointed out few shallow things UX/UI designers don’t really keep on top of their minds while thinking about the designs.

When asked about Mortar, Raghuram told that they never bothered about any other View-Controller library because their views are kept so simple and light that Fragments suffice well enough. Overall, the simplicity of the new app is worth learning from.



Varun, the creator of HereNow app, talked about Parse (which is a ‘Backend as a service’ (BaaS) platform acquired by Facebook more than an year ago). According to Varun, with Parse JS API, one can write applications for any platform and capability.

However, although few people from the audience claimed that there are apps which are using Parse and supporting 1 million+ users, it’s still not very much convincing to us that Parse’s 200 req/sec limit can support so many users for any kind of application. It must be imposing some limitations over request frequency.


YU opensource

Yu opensource was one of the sponsors along with Microsoft, Intel, Ford, etc.

The promotional talk for YU was given by Rahul Sharma (co-founder and CEO of Micromax). YU is a community based mobile hardware platform developed in partnership with Cyanogen, the maker of the Android-based Cyanogen operating system. Open for contributions and any sort of experiments. Play with the OS, screw it up, that won’t void the warranty! We’re really looking forward to follow their progress. Check out their official forums here


You can look for the event videos at HasGeek-tv soon.

Though the event was really good but there were a few setbacks for us like we had to commute 30 km instead of 3 kms as per the programme details on DrodConIn’s website. 🙁

But overall, it was a good experience meeting with so many similar people at the same place talking about topics and issues that we deal with on daily basis. Hats off to HasGeek for providing such a great platform for Android developers to meet and proliferate. Achin (Infernus321) and I (_alokV) are hoping to be there next time too.


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