Vinsol is managing Spree Commerce Open Source Efforts. Time to contribute back to the community!

By Preeti Bhalla February 24, 2016

We have been delivering Ecommerce solutions for almost two decades now. For us it has been about delivering experiences and not just documented products. As we grew, our quality centric mindset has motivated us to create something better everyday.

vinsol journey

After First data acquired Spree Commerce, the company, arose the need of a new core development team for taking care of the Spree Commerce open source project. A team strong enough to be able to make a substantial contribution to this gigantic open source project and shape it’s future with a unified vision. We stepped up for taking on this responsibility and are super excited to announce that we are now leading Spree Open source efforts! ( SpreeCommerce Wikipedia )

SEAN SCHOFIELD, CEO of Spree Commerce, quotes in his official announcement “Future Spree open-source efforts will be coordinated and managed jointly by volunteers from Spark Solutions and Vinsol.  They are all professional developers who are currently working on behalf of merchants using Spree and have hands-on experience in Spree development, customization, maintenance and performance optimization.“

With big roles comes bigger responsibility and with this in mind, we already have our goals defined.

  • Spree 3.0.5 was released within two weeks of onboarding.
  • Plans to upgrade Spree  for Rails 5 as soon as rails 5 is out.
  • Upgrade Spree with Bootstrap 4 and make it completely responsive

That’s not all folks!

Insights of the complete development roadmap are here

We are determined to support Spree Commerce developers around the world and serve the community with great enthusiasm and commitment as this is a source of satisfaction and achievement for us.

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