Vinsol’s Spree Commerce Open Source Android App is out now!

By Preeti Bhalla March 3, 2016

Android dominates the smartphone market with a share of 82.8%**. Talking about  Ecommerce, it is a little older than 20 years now and needless to say, is growing exponentially.

Quick question! What would be the fastest and cheapest way out for bringing your store online? A way which would not compromise on quality and serves your needs right. How about building your store using an open source Ecommerce framework. It’s pretty obvious for you to consider Spree Commerce for this as it perfectly fits into the picture of an ideal Ecommerce storefront and a systematic & easy to use backend. It’s one of the most robust and refined technologies that you could ever hope to use. How about exposing your store to the huge Android market or maybe wanting to start with Android users instead of a website? You know the ‘Mobile first’ thing, don’t you? For all those wanting to build their own Spree commerce android app, here’s the solution.. Vinsol has released the first Spree commerce Open source Android App! All you have to do is, customize it as per your requirement and you’re ready to grab the market in no time.

Spree Commerce Open Source Android App

It’s an android application built to consume spree commerce API, a front-end consumer centric application that facilitates listing of banners, products, cart, review/rating, social signup and user profile.

spree 5

Implementation Insights

  • Lists implemented using Recycler and card views
  • Stripe payment Gateway integration
  • Http client – Retrofit 2
  • Image cache – Picasso
  • CoordinatorLayout
  • Infinite ViewPager


Make changes to the following files:


  • Set the base api url to
  • Configure external links for Contact us, FAQs etc.
  • Add Stripe app key
  • Country id is hard coded for US (change it as per your requirement)

2. Strings.xml


  • minSdkVersion 17 (Android 4.2)
  • targetSdkVersion 23 (Android 6.0)

Coming soon in the next version are features like Search, Wishlist, Notifications, Products sorting, sharing etc

Get it here and build your own way to Android Ecommerce!

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