SpreeCommerce Marketing Extension – All you need to target the right audience

By Preeti Bhalla May 24, 2016

When it comes to marketing it’s important to target the right people. Say, you have the perfect marketing strategy for increasing retention or just the right content for promoting a product. What else do you need for a successful marketing campaign? The Right Audience. No matter how exciting your offer is, if you’re targeting the wrong people your marketing will fail to generate returns.

Spree Marketing Extension focuses on classifying the user base in such a way that as a store owner you’ll be able to feed the right consumer with the right content / marketing campaigns. That’s not all! You can view all your marketing campaigns from the email campaigning service you use (mailchimp for now) along with the customers it probably affected! From the list of people who signed up last week to the buyers from a particular geographic area, all information is presented in the form of well-structured lists.

Follow this link to view snapshots of complete demonstration of the SpreeCommerce Marketing Extension.

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