Customer Testimonial Extension for Spree Commerce

By manik June 28, 2016

As a potential customer of an ecommerce store, a big assurance and confidence boost for me is to see testimonials from existing customers.

If you want to add this capability to your Spree store, there is help available. We extracted a customer testimonial or quote management extension from one of our projects recently and open sourced it.

Here is the github link to the SpreeCommerce Customer Testimonial extension

The extension provides the functionality to receive testimonials from customers. It also allows the store owner to submit testimonials on behalf of customers. The store owner also has the capability to moderate testimonials submitted by customers and mark them as published. These published testimonials can then be used at other places on the store.

I will explain below the working on this extension.

To install add the following to your gemfile

gem 'spree_quotes_management', github: 'vinsol-spree-contrib/spree-quotes-management', branch: 'master'

Bundle the dependencies and the runs the installation generator.

$ bundle
$ bundle exec rails g spree-quotes-management:install

The extension will be installed and it will ask you to run the migrations as shown in the screen shot below.


Now, In the admin section, on the bottom left, you can see the option to manage quotes. Clicking on that shows you a screen where on the top right is the option to create a new quote.


The extension also adds a request quote form and a display of published quotes on the Spree landing page for customers. They quote display and the form to submit quote have been marked in this screen shot.

One part of administrative detail is the quote approval process. After quotes are submitted, they need to be explicitly published by the admin so that they are available to the front end view.

This screen shot shows how the admin can publish submitted quotes.


Ofcourse you would want to override the view and have something that goes well with your store’s theme, but if you are feeling lazy, the extension comes with a decent carousel implementation which circles through the various published quotes as show in the screen shot below.


It is a very simple extension, but was sufficient for our use case. Feel free to send us a pull request on github if you extend/improve it.

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