This blog post is continuation of our last blog post where we shared our experience of product import using datashift_spree. It explores the product & order import w.r.t Shopify.

As we already saw in our last blog post that datashift_spree lays the strong foundation for various product import cases, so we decided to rely and build on top of it for Shopify Product Import. Hence we wrote a simple transform to get datashift_spree_compatible csv to take Shopify Product Export CSV as input and return a CSV compatible with datashift product import. Yeah, you guessed it right, we adapted 🙂

Try the Product Import Demo here

  • Admin Credentials:
  • Download Sample Shopify File or have yours ready 🙂
  • Ensure every product/variant has unique sku as needed by Spree
  • Product Import is a 2 step process
    1. Upload Shopify csv to get import compatible csv file
    2. Import the file generated, in Step 1, above to populate products

We did not got lucky with Shopify Order Import like our product import so we sat to create instead of adapt this time and changes can be reviewed here

Please note that above Order Import is not exhaustive and is developed keeping in mind that we are interested in showing customer’s their order history so might not correctly work for cases where order processing details & sequence are important.

Try the Order Import Demo here

  • Admin Credentials:
  • Line items product/variant lookup is based on sku’s
    • Upload the Shopify Product CSV to ensure all line item sku’s/products are already present, OR,
    • Check the product sku’s in line items are present in existing products, otherwise it will fail while checking product/variants
  • Download Sample Orders CSV or have yours ready 🙂
  • Import the downloaded file to load order history

Last, but not the least, we completed the Shopify system migration with
customers. Shopify Customer’s Export CSV will work without changes and
address imported as Ship Address by default but can be imported as Bill
Address with configuration.

Try the User Import Demo here

  • Admin Credentials:
  • User & Address import can be easily configured as Ship/Bill Address
  • It creates the user, if needed
  • It creates the addresses only if not already associated with user,
    else skips it

Please share the feedback and report any issues, you may find while trying out the imports by raising issues on respective github repos

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and customisation or to discuss, reach out to us

We are always trying to meet Business time-to-market requirement with the technical challenges and bridge the gap to be narrower 🙂

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