The Spree cart’s promotions functionality allows admin to offer coupons and discounts to site’s users, based on the conditions you choose. Running promotions and marketing campaigns are ideal ways to promote your products and services. Creating excitement ensures driving customers to you and your brands. Doing so, admin can:-

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase customer traffic
  3. Make quick decisions
  4. Build sales and profit
  5. Strengthen the focus on marketing

Here are few built-in promotion schemes that you can easily execute on Spree:

Flat Discount

It is one of the simple and classic promotion types that provide the user with a certain amount of discount. This amount can be based on a simple percent or a flat rate.

Select “Credit adjustment” on the action type of the promotion admin page and select the type of calculator. Your promotion scheme is ready to deploy.

Free Shipping

To grab customer attention and interest, one of the most effective promotion schemes is to provide free shipping orders. This reduces the cost to the customer. Here, the rule added to the promotion is that the whole order must be above a certain amount ($50 in this case).

To execute this code, the user must use the code at the time of delivery stage while making a transaction. The code won’t be applicable at the transaction stage since the promotion features are based on shipment.

Flash sales

This is a promotion offered by an eCommerce store for a short period of time. The quantity is limited, which often means that the discounts are higher or more significant than run-of-the-mill promotions. The time limit and limited availability entice consumers to buy on the spot. To execute the flash sale, one has to select the day from the promotion admin panel for which the offer is defined.

Spree only provides the option to run the flash promotion for up to a daily basis. For an hourly basis promotion, this extension can be used.

Promotion focused on a feature/option

Spree allows the admin to generate promotions purely based on any feature of a product. For example, a category of clothing has various variants in:

-Size (Small, Medium, Large)

-Color (Red, Blue, Black, White)

Admin can create a promotion based on a particular color or size.

Select the “option type” rule available proceeding with the selection of “option type” that you want an offer on (Red color in the above case). Note: the admin can select more than one option type for the promotion.

Customer buying only the Red color variant would be eligible for the promotion offer.

The most common application of such type of promotion is during the festive seasons when people tend to buy a particular color in clothes.

Tiered discount

To persuade customers to buy more, various sellers tend to give incentives to their customers based on different levels of purchases. For example, if a customer shops for an amount of $100, he will get 10% off. If the amount reaches $200, the same discount will not encourage the customer, hence admin can create different tiers to lure customers to buy more. Eg., for the purchase of:

  • On $100, a discount of 10%
  • On $200, a discount of 20%
  • On $300, a discount of 30%

This encourages customers to buy more in order to get more.

For instance, an order placed with $214 would lie in a 20% discount tier. The discount will be applied to the total amount of the cart.

First Order

For an organization to enter the market, the most important task is “how to grab customers” or “how to make a presence among the existing players.” One of the best ways to do so is by creating an offer on the very first order by a customer. In this way, not only the organization enters the market but it also gets the attention of the customers. Spree provides a separate rule type to create such promotions.

Just select the “first order” option in rule type available following it with the action corresponding to it. This will set the promotion running.


So far all the promotion schemes discussed focus on a large audience (whole public), but what if a promotion is to be made with focus only on an individual or a group of individuals. User-specific rule type does the same as it helps the admin to select the individuals who are liable for an offer. This way the customer gets a sense of exclusivity in the organization.

Select the User option from the rule type and the corresponding action against the rule. Note:- promo code can only be used by the defined customer.

Sample promotion

Do you have a new product that you’re trying to sell? Give out samples! This works best with food but can also work at spas and salons with tester lotions and perfumes or aromatherapy products. If you’re promoting a new product, let people try it out! People like something they can try before buying.

In Spree, you can select the rule type of “one use per user” and then add a line item. After that, it will reduce the cost of the sample to make it free. Finally, our sample promotion gets created and anyone buying an item worth $100 or more would get a free sample.

Impulse buying

It means the buying of goods without planning to do so in advance, as a result of a sudden whim or impulse. To encourage impulse buying, admin uses the Spree Commerce’s rule type of “logged in user”. This rule only allows the user that is currently logged in.

Admin has to use the “logged in” option in rules slider for activating this promotion.


In this type of promotion, the offer is available on a specific group of products. These groups can be brand, product type, etc and it is one of the simplest promotion techniques used by most of the eCommerce stores.

To execute this promotion, the admin needs to select the taxon option in rule type.

Geographic promotion

Businesses can segment their market geographically when they are trying to focus on one particular area. Different promotion strategies for different regions need a lot of time. Spree on the basis of shipping address details can focus on country-level promotion strategy.

In the above case, any order that is to be shipped in India will carry no shipping cost. But to segregate further on the basis of state or region (North, east, west, south), other extensions can be used.

Other promotion available through Vinsol

Apart from the promotion schemes available on Spree Commerce, here are a few more promotions in the form of extensions that are offered by Vinsol:

  1. Buy m get n extension = Buy m number of items and get n items free. The best example is BOGOF (Buy one get one free). The value of “m” can be greater or less than “n”.
  2. Flash Sales (hourly basis) = Via selecting a particular time for the promotion and a particular day.
  3. Combo pack extension = For example, buy 4 at the price of 3 or less than the sum of 4.
  4. Payment specific = Promotion defined for a particular bank or a specific payment method (under development).
  5. Region-based promotion (state level, under development).

Do let us know if there are any promotions that are missed here, or any specific extension or promotion that you want to be created or else any sort of guidance, please contact us. Vinsol will provide you the solution.

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