$200 Billion. That’s the number that mobile app economy is poised to register globally in 2021. From $50 Billion in 2012, various forms of monetization models in the smartphone industry have contributed to an immense surge in the ecosystem of consumers, enigmatic product innovations, and the profession of app development itself.

Following the unceasing success of the smartphone market, hundreds of thousands of individual programmers, startups, medium-sized firms, and multinational corporations are at your disposal to accept projects, namely iOS app development, Android app development, e-commerce website, or any customized solution required by your business.

Competition is considered healthy in my opinion. When several firms queue up to present you with the same product, your alternatives to choose the best one are widened with a certainty of continual advancements.

However, selecting a trusted technology partner from a list of top iOS and Android app developers  is crucial for not only launching a perfectly designed app, but also imperative for the protection of highly sensitive business data. To our advantage, there are several online platforms that measure the performance of app development companies along with their popularity after going through various deciding factors.

One of those reliable resources is TrustFirms which has recently published a report, according to which Vinsol is ranked among the top iOS & Android app development companies in 2019. TrustFirms is a well-grounded source to gain insights about the top-most software firms across the globe, especially for Blockchain Solutions, Mobile App Developers and IT Consulting. Analyses like these help entrepreneurs and growing businesses to connect with a suitable firm with confidence.

Clutch is also a major name in this arena which carefully rates companies after collecting feedback as well as performing interviews with the clients who had acquired the services from any of the clutch-registered firms. And, in one of their recent surveys about top Ruby on Rails development companies, we were proud to make the cut.

It’s not just the mobile commerce and online shopping industry which has contributed to the enormous potential of launching a business through a mobile application, the sector of ‘Wearable Technology’ is also on the rise, and that is often supplemented by a smartphone app in order to work. Therefore, research to look for top wearable app development companies is useful for businesses that plan to enter the rapidly growing market of wearable products.

A development partner with plenty of expertise in designing and successfully submitting customized mobile applications to App Store and Google Play should take care of the following:

  • Superior user-friendly design for a personalized experience
  • Unique functionalities to meet business goals
  • Scalability
  • Ease of maintenance and upgrading the app

Vinsol, with its excellence in software development, has worked with a number of renowned clients to design, build and release complex web & mobile applications for worldwide audiences. From simple to intricate projects, feel free to contact us today.

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