Why choose spreecommerce

Spree Commerce is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms to deliver feature-rich online storefronts. It is a REST API-based framework with a lightweight modular architecture that can build scalable online stores to handle even millions of users in a single day.

Based on Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce is completely open-source and does not incur any licensing fee at all. Spree Commerce development process utilizes Rails* to develop and implement practically every functionality necessary for an e-commerce application. Its development process is quite simplified which is backed by a large community of contributors and sufficient documentation.

*Ruby on Rails is a high-performance web application framework written in Ruby programming language. Using MVC (model–view–controller) architecture, Rails is an integrated solution that can build complex e-commerce websites within a short period of time.  

There are plenty of convincing reasons why you should choose Spree Commerce for your online storefront. But first, let’s learn about a few prelusive facts in order to envision an online empire before we explain the practicability of hiring a Spree Commerce developer for your business:

Predominantly, an e-commerce model can have one or the combination of the following forms:

  1. Delivering household products and subscriptions directly to the end-consumers that include anything from books, electronics, clothing, grocery, software to digital downloads, streaming services and fashion accessories, etc.
  2. Business To Business (B2B) products like software services, bulk buying & wholesale, ordering industrial equipment, or any type of commercial transaction which can be conducted online between two entities.
  3. Aggregator model & mediating between buyers and sellers and creating a marketplace to offer goods and services, i.e., cab booking apps, classified advertisements, food delivery apps, booking tickets, stock trading, etc.

Out of the above diversities in the world of e-commerce, the prevailing attribute of Spree Commerce is to develop online shopping websites and that’s exactly where it is considered one of the best options available out there.

Nevertheless, there are some prerequisites to build a remunerative shopping website. Choosing an e-commerce platform that exceeds your expectations can be a pivotal factor to excel in any segment of the online business you plan to commence.

Like any skyscraper, a large-scale flourishing web application is the result of a complex software architecture that involves masterly design techniques and a brilliant execution plan.

To meet the objectives, the principal characteristics mentioned below can shape the bedrock of any shopping application developed with the aim of superlative results, and Spree Commerce does an outstanding job with these tasks:

A. Must-have Features

Apart from a delightful user experience tailored with personalized content, the following features must be integrated with your storefront:

  • Multiple & Secure Payment Methods
  • CRM System (Customer Relationship Management) & Customer Communications
  • Checkout and Shopping Cart
  • Inventory, Order and Shipping
  • Subscription Management
  • Offers & Promotions
  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Marketing Tools
  • Blogs & Social Media Integrations
  • ERP Integration (a total ‘enterprise resource planning’ solution to handle logistics, finance, operations, inventory, etc.)

B. Mobile Friendliness

The online industry has transformed into a new era of Mobile Commerce. A highly responsive or adaptive website, in addition to a mobile app, has become a necessity for most online merchants to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. Brands like Amazon, Walmart and Target have reported that nearly 70% of their customers are smartphone users.

C. Flexibility To Integrate With Third-party Extensions And External Tools

A next-generation low-code e-commerce platform should present you with a minimum of integration challenges. Extensions and plugins save a lot of time and resources in the process of application development. REST is arguably the most popular software architectural style, perhaps a standard to build APIs. Due to this, the web applications built by Spree Commerce (using REST API V2) can also connect with other applications to exchange data with ease.

Proficient with the needful points above, Spree Commerce is best suitable to develop high-performance online shopping storefronts.

What spree commerce can build


Practically speaking, a general-purpose programming language like Ruby (upon which the Rails framework, and then Spree Commerce is based) could build any type of application, whether e-commerce or not.

However, in 2019, rational entrepreneurs with their progressing businesses do not prefer to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel. For a good reason, a lot of application development modules offering customization (i.e., e-commerce platforms, frameworks, extensions, plugins) have been innovated, which are regarded as the modernized versions of the very traditional programming languages we worked with in the beginning.

Now, after taking into consideration the ins and outs of Spree Commerce, it is undoubtedly a top-notch platform in the domain of online stores.        

Pros and cons of spree commerce
To create a comprehensive online shopping storefront, hundreds of Spree Commerce extensions are available to download which are developed and maintained by third-party contributors, along with tens of official integrations released by Spree itself – absolutely open-source and free to use.

What Spree Commerce has to offer that other platforms do not.

  1. Given the open-source environment, many of us might assume that a free platform is feeble to a pro version in general.

Not in the case of Spree Commerce! It is because Spree is a robust platform that has proven its merits by delivering a catalog of world-class shopping applications on a global scale.

Spreecommerce clients
Websites Using Spree Commerce

2. Spree-made websites are highly compatible with all mobile devices. Spree PWA can also build Progressive Web Apps.

3. Scope of scalability with Spree Commerce is second to none as huge amounts of traffic can be handled without any significant increase in response time.


4. With RoR’s lean and agile programming environment, very less time is required to craft a fully-featured ultra-modern application. Did we tell you that Spree stores are also highly customizable to meet your goals?

5. Finding a reputable Spree Commerce developer is not much difficult. Spree’s documentation is well-written and supported by a broad community that actively contributes to newer extensions and improves the existing ones.

Do you want to hire an affordable solutions provider with a powerful portfolio to build your next shopping website?

Vinsol is a Certified Spree Commerce Premier Partner and also has been featured as Top Custom Software Development Company We have an excellent track record of developing highly secure large-scale shopping storefronts for multiple clients across the globe.

Contact us for more information about Spree Commerce development and we would be glad to assist you!

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