How to make your employees feel fulfilled

By Richa March 26, 2020
Make your employees fulfilled rather than happy

If companies want to remain competitive, hire talented people and boost productivity, they must make it easier for their employees to be fulfilled through their work. A new PwC/CECP study shows seventy percent of workers said they would give up their current role if they felt that there is another role/company which can make them more fulfilled than the present one. Employees are even ready to go for a lower pay scale to attain satisfaction.  

Gone are the days when employees looked upon incentive as a means to make them happy, but now it is more about fulfillment.  

By fulfillment I mean the feeling you have when you gain a sense of purpose and work in harmony with your natural motivation. As the boundaries between work and life continue to blur, employees want to explore and pursue opportunities that make sense to them. 

Some facts –

  • Gallup research has shown that employees who know and use their strengths are nearly six times more engaged, perform better, and are less likely to leave the company. According to Gallup, if people are not engaged in their work and committed to the company, they will not stay in an organization even when they have many development and learning opportunities. And this commitment comes only when they feel fulfilled in the organization

Workers who are really good at what they are doing at the moment still want growth, but they often do not necessarily want to be promoted. Giving people the opportunity to understand and develop what they do best – and use their strengths every day at work – can make the long-term difference between a successful career and a miserable one. And believe me, people are really serious about this.

  • Imperative’s Workforce Purpose Index 2019 takes a look at how employers can help workers make their work more fulfilling. Around two-thirds of today’s working population are unfulfilled, which means they are less likely to be happy in life, perform well, stay long-term and perform better. Fulfilled employees stay longer, are better company ambassadors and stay long-term. 

Many companies end up losing incredibly valuable employees because they do not provide them with the fulfillment they need. 

Here are some tips to help make your employees feel more content and boost their overall morale. 

Give them a flexible structure

Employees work hard every day to keep your business running. If you do not give them a flexible work structure then there are high chances of them looking for an organization providing a better flexible work environment. Do not create work pressure or bound your employees, give them a breathing space.

Strict policies may make them feel uncomfortable and thereby make them think negatively about the organization. This will refrain them from giving their 100%. So, provide them a flexible work structure wherein they can work freely and produce quality results.

Good leadership culture

To create a purposeful leadership culture, your workplace must identify informal leaders in the office, target specific behaviors that foster relationships, growth, and impact, and encourage these leaders to model these behaviors across the workplace.

Provide your employees with opportunities such as innovation laboratories and mentorship programs to help them build on their work and also foster growth in your office. A structure allows employees to make their own work more meaningful while they are still working for you. 

Creating a positive attitude

If employees have a positive attitude, they are more likely to support their colleagues in achieving the company’s goals, especially in group projects. Only a few of the employees are inspired enough to think outside the box and find creative solutions the company needs.

And moreover, happy employees do not hesitate to ask for help when they need it. This is very important for productivity, as many employees find it uncomfortable to ask their boss or colleague for support when it is needed. 

Workplace matters a lot

By creating more immersive, engaging and motivating workspaces and coworking spaces, you can increase autonomy and productivity by creating a stronger personal bond with your workers. Employees in your organization need to know that for you their happiness is more important than anything else, and you will see their productivity shoot through the roof. 

Your mission to bring happiness back to work is supported by the actions you take to give people who work in your organization a sense of belonging, which helps them build stronger connections and build stronger friendships outside the workplace. 

Say a few words of appreciation

This always works! Appreciate your employees for their work. Appreciation is not always in the monetary form. Even a small pat on the back or a big round of applause will motivate them.

Your employees will feel fulfilled if they find that their efforts are being recognized and will encourage them to move forward.


Over the past two decades, employers have built more personal relationships with workers, paving the way for work experience to go beyond satisfaction and minimal effort. Bringing people together for a shared experience is formative and fulfilling when you bring them together in a way that builds meaningful connections, develops collective impact, and offers the opportunity to learn something new. 

The development of a corporate culture that defines the way things are handled here provides constant reinforcement and support for employees who aspire to greater significance in their work. Employees are also building deeper and more diverse relationships to foster growth. 

In Summary

Do not just be a workplace who makes their employees happy, be the one where employees feel fulfilled from every professional aspect. The one whose employees do not want to leave and come up like a real team.

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